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Gaius Chamberlain

Hi. I’m Gaius Chamberlain and welcome to waystomakemoneyontheweb.com.

I have been involved in web design and digital communications since 1995 and have built more than 300 web sites while providing digital solutions for Fortune 500 companies and Mom and Pop shop. I have seen the web change over the years, for good and for bad. One thing i see now is that the web has become a platform for enterpeuneurs more than ever before. Self-employment is at an all time high as people try to utilize the communications and ditiribution platform that the web offers to market the ideas, products and services. Unfortunately this can be a daunting task for those just starting out.

There really are hundreds of ways to make money on the web, but you have to know what to do, and more importantly what not to do, to be successful. Our goal is to keep you from making some of the mistakes that can derail you and following misdirected paths. The less time you waste, the more time you have to focus on bringing your special talents forward. Trust me, I have made enough mistakes along the way to write a book about, but mistakes are just signposts that let you know which roads are best not travelled again.

This site is an effort on the part of a community of like-minded  small business-people, interested in growign business while also growing and improving the community. I am the pointman fo the community and would like to help you on your path to business growth. I want to help you move forward with timely tips and by pointing you towards solutions which many think don’t exist and bring you the best advice from experts around the world. The best way to be successful is to model the patterns of successful people. Finally, I want to point you towards money earning opportunities that you see on web pages every day, but never think you are in a position to take part in. You can be and you will be.

I want to hear from you, whether it is a question or better yet, a success story.

VERY IMPORTANT – What this site is not!

This is not in any way a “get rich quick” site. If you want to get rich quick, go and play Powerball or Megamillions. When people get rich quick, it is usually due to luck and difficult for them to reproduce. The purpose of this site isn’t to help you get rich quick. It is, instead, to help you to build a sustainable business model that you can build and grow for years to come. This will not be EASY and there is work involved. This will make it that much more enjoyable when you succeed.

Thanks for bringing us along on your journey. Success begins here!


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